Business Application Key Features

Driver does not need to insert any info about log manually. All log operation will be maintained automatically.

  • Administrator can easily add, update and remove any driver and vehicle detail.
  • Driver can register any device as Tablet, iPad, iPhone etc.
  • Driver can login with unique ID and password and can see daily log detail of specific date.
  • Log records can be shown both graphical and tabular format.
  • We can check the current location of vehicle on map connected with GPS device.
  • Admin can check how many devices are currently working and can check authorization of any device.
  • Admin can also authorize that which device is map with driver.
  • Admin can create future dispatches.
  • There are two types of log - driver log and vehicle log. Vehicle log will be generated automatically time set by administrator and driver log will be generated when driver sitting is changed.
  • Admin and driver set profile according to their need.
  • Admin can update his company profile.
  • All new notification is shown to user.

Mobile Application Key Features

For Business
•   Multi Driver and Vehicle registration and maintenance.
•   Device and Device-Driver authentication to maintain security.
•   Server side syncing facility
•   Administrator can set profile according his/her interest.
•   Administrator can trace any vehicle and driver any time.
•   Reports to analyze day to day working.
•   Easy to dispatch trips.
•   Notification and alerts, support to avoid rules violation.
•   Geographical fences to support automatically trip terminations.
For Member
•   Manual work of driver minimize in this.
•   Driver can easily maintain 15 days logs in his/her authenticated devices.
•   YlogApp supports driver to sync his/her all data to server database.
•   Real-time positioning using GPS.
•   Dispatch trip, to get all trip details.
•   Notifications and alerts to avoid rules violation.
•   Vehicle Inspection sheet.