1.I have signed up for YLogApp from www.Ylogapp.com, Whats next ?

2.How can I add new driver?

3.What is Tag#?

4.What is Employee#?

5.How can I add a new Vehicle?

6.What is VIN ?

7.What is Vehicle#?

8.What is ODO#?

9.I tried to log into my device and it says "This device is not authorized. Contact your administrator. " What I supposed to do?

10. I am logged into my device. It is asking for Vehicle Code, what is it?

11. What is Dispatch#?

12. How can I add Dispatches on portal?

13. What is JOB/PO#?

14. What is Daily Basis?

15. How to assign source and destination to dispatch?

16. How to assign a vehicle to dispatch?

17. How can I add more stops in dispatch?

18. How can I switch the sequence of stops of a dispatch?

19. How can I add order on dispatch?

20. What is Order#?

21. How can I see orders on device?

22. How can I start a dispatch?

23. How can I see stops on a dispatch?

24. How can I see captured POD?

25. How can I stop a dispatch?

26. How can I track order on portal?

27. How can I check POD on portal?

28. How can I download POD as pdf file from portal?