Manage Assets

Assets are important for a business. A business runs with its assets. Its not important to have as many assets as required, it is important to manage them in a way that they can fulfill the requirement by maximum utilization of them. YLogApp lets you manage and utilize your assets to maximum extent possible and thus increasing business value.

Automated Report

If you are running your business and don't have time to look into portal so reports are there for you. Reports lets you have a look at entire activities in your business. Report includes driver schedules, vehicle entire day activities, Idle Times etc.

Real Time Tracking

Tracking of fleets, delivery vehicles, sales force in real time lets you make commitments and adhere to them so increased customer satisfaction. You can make changes in their schedules and they will see it in real time.

Alert And Notification

Business decisions should be quick enough in response to an event that make best use of situations in hand. Information flow is very important for such decisions to take place. Alerts and Notifications can be setted for regular events or for exceptions - whatever you like.

Time Spent On Site

May be it is matter of perks(payroll) or using resources with efficiency, you need to know how much time your resources spending at some place. Using Check In/Out at geofences, system calculates time spent at sites.

Smart Devices

Smart devices(iOS and Android devices) provides many a features. Location service is one of very useful feature of a smart device. YLogApp lets you use your smart devices as a GPS device. It captures GPS reads (location, direction of movement and speed) through smart phones and displays it on map in real time.

Third Party integration

YlogApp is build with a concept to free user from bound of device type. It is totally fine for us if you are using any existing GPS devices, we can integrate with your GPS provider to fetch location data.

Auto Status Update

Automatically get to know when your driver has reached on a destination. With Geofences, System identifies when a vehicle has reached to a place and when it has left from that place. Thus system records vehicle's geofence In and Out time.