Return Policy

You are welcome to apply for return request as well for any product/ service provided by us, within the following limits:
• You have not used delivered product/service or subscriptions beyond 02 days.
• The product or services are not providing outputs as per the described features.
• You have not received the product/solution/subscription within the committed time line.

• The return request cannot be raised on the ground of inadequate knowledge to use the product/solution/services provided by us to the customer.
• Any circumstances beyond the control of the company or because of the failure in providing services by third party organization, for example internet connectivity issue by ISP of the customer or any other reason likewise.

Refund Timeline:
Usually you will receive your refund in approximately 2-3 weeks from the date of registration of your refund request or may vary depends on the nature of the refund request. The Refund will be transferred to the person/ organization's bank account as per title/name mentioned in the original invoice for the deal.

Refund amount:
The refund will be given only of the actual product/solution/service cost as per bill/ invoice excluding taxes.